Alan Nelson

Alan is a serial business builder and seller and loves helping business owners to have a life and a business...

The breakfast sessions helps me refocus on the Big Picture. As a single operator, the brain storming sessions are great. It has helped me think more about working on the business.
FO – Karrinyup
John Denton

John is passionate about getting businesses 'sale ready' to give the owner options and because then they are worth keeping...

Business Value - Clear Strategic Plans - Organise & Systemise

Feel trapped in your business?

owner dependence

Owner dependence in a business is a very common problem and one which can take some effort to fix. You see, it's not just a question of systems and processes - it is also about the owner letting go! Getting OFF the park we call it.....
Seem like the light at the end of the
tunnel is out of reach?

running like crazy, getting nowhere

Sometimes it just seems like you're running harder and harder and getting no closer to your goal! It seems like there is no end to it and you're working more and more hours.

You need to turn the light on in your brain before you can get to 'the light'. You need new ideas and fresh thinking .....
Need help to make the next move?


This year has caused a paradigm shift in both my professional and personal life. Every month I was challenged with constructive advice to implement, creating a strong driven & directed future. Thanks … Read more
LE – Ellenbrook

your move!

'Analysis paralysis' is a common problem in business. It results in a 'no action' strategy by the business owner. Often, taking no action is worse than maing a poor decision.

Causes can be an over analytical personality but also we are told it can result from having too many choices. It's called the paradox of choice. It works the other way too and sometimes businesses give their clients too much coice and then wonder why the client doesn't take action.
In a bob group you get many heads
working on your business!

many heads

Where do business owners go to when they need help with ideas, decisions, issues etc.?

It can be really lonely in business. Where can you find independent advisors with 'no agenda'? In otherwords, an advisor who isn't trying to sell you something and is impartial.

In a bob group you have many experienced business heads and expert presenters with 'no agenda'. Get the benefit of different experiences, expertise, new ideas and impartial advice. Contact us to see if bob is for you!
Do you know what your business is worth?

what is a business worth?

Smart business owners know what their business is worth but most have no idea how to value their business, how a buyer views a business and what makes a business attractive to buyers.

Build your business as though you are going to keep it forever, but could sell it tomorrow. Give yourself options.

In bob we do an annual market appraisal of members' businesses.
Can't get your people to do
what you want them to?


Have staff who just don't seem to get it? Staff or team members who just 'do the hours' and don't get engaged in the business?

Sadly it is a very common complaint from business owners. It doesn't need to be like that. Learn how other people lead, motivate and keep great people ....
Join a bob group and
get direction and a lot more!

get direction

In a bob group you will get direction through expert presenters, your fellow members and the bob chair.

Taking time to work ON your business regularly with a group of highly motivated and supportive business owners whilst being accountable to you bob board will keep you motivated and on track to achieve your personal and business goals. Contact us to see if bob is for you!
Looking for the magic formula
for your business?

too close to the problem?

Sorry! There are no magic formula in business. Business is simple - not easy - but simple. In fact we believe that simple businesses make money and complex ones don't.

Often we over complicate things and can't see the wood for the trees. Standing back and discussing your issues, challenges and goals with you bob board will lead to clarity. And clarity leads to power.
Need help to put the pieces in place?

where do you start

Often you know all the pieces in the puzzle but just need help putting them together effectively. Who do you trun to?

In a bob group you can build your network through your board members, bob chairs and expert presenters. Someone knows someone who knows someone. Build the power of your network.
Join bob and get a board to
work on your business!

business owners board

The bob group membership is for business owners and practitioners who:

• Own their own business and want to take it to new levels
• Are passionate about growing their business
• Want a life as well as a business an open mind and are willing to learn
• Contribute to the group sessions in a positive and supportive manner
• Enter into workshop discussions enthusiastically
• Appreciate other people’s point of view
• Give up the need to be right
Contact us to see if bob is for you!

Accountability - Motivation - Personal Development

bob enables small SME business owners to meet in a confidential, structured process to work ON their business and strategically improve it. It takes them out of their business for four hours per month to meet with other likeminded business owners.