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Business Owners Board & Rosemary DuganRosemary from Synchronised Body Solutions is a Health Wellness & Mindset Coach & Trainer.

Rosemary uses an integrative approach through fitness, nutrition and lifestyle changes to improve health and well-being.

With over 18 years’ experience as a fitness professional, 14 years as a health & fitness lecturer, a qualified  Neuro Linguistic Programming  Master Practitioner & Coach and a Master Reiki Practitioner; there is no shortage of knowledge, experience or expertise when it comes to an holistic approach to mind, body and spiritual wellness.

Her many years of living and working overseas in South East Asia and Japan have provided an abundance of personal wellness experiences which have been shared through several wellness e-books and articles.

Rosemary has also created several personal development courses for positive mindset change and empowerment.

Today Rosemary offers a wide range of programs and services – from individual coaching and corporate wellness programs to seminars, training workshops and keynote speeches.

Rosemary’s talk incorporates taking a look at how our health depends on the integration of our mind, body and spirit to “be well” in the true sense of the word (physically, mentally and emotionally).

“Fitness and exercise is only one element that contributes to this. Most of our health begins in our heads.”

Rosemary’s talks use practical demonstrations to demonstrate how the mind and body interact with each other as well as provide educational information on health and wellness that can be easily followed to make important changes in our busy business lifestyles.

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