Alan Chapman – Digital Online Marketing

 Alan is the founder and owner of IQ Digital Advertising.

IQ Digital Advertising is a small Agency and Google Certified Partner. They are a team of four with various complementary skill sets which together cover all areas of digital online marketing.

Alan has been in marketing, sales and advertising for the past 23 + years, well before the internet became the force in marketing that it is today. He started his own business in the year 2000, just as the Internet was emerging as a marketing tool.

During the past few years the internet has really taken off as the marketing tool of choice, while print and other forms media have begun dying off. The change to digital media is now complete and a great marketing opportunity awaits those who move fast into this new way of doing business.

Helping businesses become successful through the use of clever marketing systems is the focus and providing great value service and return on investment for their clients.

Alan’s presentation to the Business Owners Board is on “The 10 biggest scams in digital marketing, how to spot them and get REAL results.”

  1. Why Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can be bad
  2. Digital Marketing
  3. Online reputation management
  4. Google Adwords and SEO

IQ Digital Advertising

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