Alan Nelson

Alan Nelson

Described by some as serial entrepreneur, Alan has decades of experience growing enterprises.  His businesses have been in trains, truffles, tourism, limousines, labour hire, and construction to name only a few.  One of his previous companies was twice listed in the top 100 fastest growing companies in Australia.  He currently has interest in a business called Earthcare Recycling, which is redefining the management of waste in the new home building industry.

So why bob?

Why is it that small businesses so often don’t reach their full potential? And the owner invariably spends most of the time working in the business and not on it?

I have seen so many businesses not reach their full potential. Likewise, I have seen owners carve out a great market niche and establish themselves as highly respected members of the community.

Now running a business is a 24/7 experience and we have to deal with so many complex issues. I hear many small business owners say all the time, “Why are we doing this?”

They do it because they enjoy it and are good at it.

However, everyone is not an island and we need help at critical times to get the most out of our enterprise. A number of years ago, I was a member of a group that was similar to BOB and it helped me grow an enterprise from $0 to $65m turnover in 7 years.

The benefit of having people in a confidential environment on a monthly basis to provide feedback with no agenda was invaluable. Invariably their suggestions and perspectives were ones that I never thought about.

Also I have seen the benefits of Boards of Directors where people with different skills and experience can provide a broad range of advice and guidance. If you get the Board right, it can add great wealth and value to the business.

When like minded individuals met and we were thinking of the same need for small business, it all evolved very quickly into BOB.

With now over 30 years of experiencing growing, creating and managing both small and large enterprises there is not many experiences that I have not experienced in the business world, although I am constantly learning from others.

I have a strong belief that the BOB structure system, innovative, communication methods and market appraisal will achieve our stated aim of helping business owners grow either their wealth or their income by at least 30%.

When I’m not building businesses I like travelling around the globe – Kokoda, Mt Kilimanjaro, Kota Kinabalu, Everest High Passes, to name a few.


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