A Leader Sees Wellness When there is Sickness


LeaderBusiness owners: As a leader, where is your mindset at?

A number of years ago a business I was running had one critical safety incident after another. After the third, both the organisation and myself were not managing it well. I was taking action, but was uncertain as to whether it was the right action.

My coach at the time gave me a one line statement that enabled myself to get my head right and therefore, the organisation to recover from all of these incidences. That one line was:

“A leader sees wellness when there is sickness”

The message to me was that unless I could see the business being well then the organisation could not be seen well. All I was seeing was future incidences, not how to make the organisation healthy and recovering.

So the connection to other organisations and yourself if your business is in crisis, be it financial, organisational, operational, then you have to see / visualise a positive future for the enterprise as the first step to the recovery.

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