The Fours Stages Of Learning

Business Owners Board brain

Business Owners Board brainAs business owners, how do we learn anything? What happens in the brain?

The four stages of learning, initially described as “Four Stages for Learning Any New Skill”, was apparently developed at Gordon Training International by Noel Burch in the 1970s. (Wikipedia)

It’s a great theory for business owners to understand because often we “don’t know what we don’t know”. Hence one of the goals of the Business Owners Board is to help business owners identify things they don’t know which they need to know to grow their businesses. The theory of the four stages goes like this:

    We don’t know that we don’t know. Most business owners got in to business by being good at something (a skill or trade) or by having a good idea. It usually doesn’t start by studying business or learning business skills first. We learn as we go, but don’t know what we need to know.
    We know that we don’t know.Here we learn that we are not competent at something that we need to know to grow or exit a business successfully. This often comes as a rude awakening. If we are smart we go off and find an expert or a coach and start learning!
    We work at what we don’t know.Here we consciously make an effort to learn a new skill. Practice, drill and repetition are at the forefront. This is where most learning takes place. It takes effort and work. Generally we need to use all modalities (auditory, visual and kinesthetic) for learn something and for it to “stick”. It takes practice and then we become …
    We don’t have to think about knowing it.Here the skill set happens automatically at an unconscious level.Think of these four stages in relation to how you learned to ride a bike, play a musical instrument or drive a car. You would have gone through all these four stages. So it is in business and learning to create and exit a successful business.

We set up Business Owners Board to help business owners in all fours stages. Our monthly meetings with guest expert speakers and our monthly one on one coaching sessions are designed to give business owners new ideas, new thinking, new skills, changed behaviour and coaching to bring about the success that you want and deserve.

If you are a business owner and want to know more about the Business Owner Board process, you can apply to attend one of our bob group meetings free of charge.


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