Get Off The Park!


EmptyPitchCropLessons from the footy field…

A number of years ago a coach gave me this poignant example and reflection on my management style and capability.

As he was having difficulty getting me to understand what the issues were in my business, he stood up and went to the whiteboard.  He said, “You like the game of football don’t you?”  And he drew a circle with two teams set up on the pitch.

He then highlighted an individual on each team and said that they were the captain.  He then drew a bench the side of the pitch, where a number of people were sitting and he said, “One of these is the coach.”  And I nodded in agreement.

He then drew a stand, where all the spectators and people were watching the game and he highlighted a number of people there.  And he said enthusiastically, “These are the directors or management running the overall enterprise.”

He then drew another layer of the stand and said, “Here is the boss looking down on the pitch surveying what is going on.”  Again I nodded enthusiastically but concerned that I was being lead somewhere I didn’t want to go.

He then asked another question.  “Where are you?”

Of course, without thinking, I stated, “I am on the park.”

To which he replied, “Well get off the park!”

There were other expletives that highlighted my inadequacies, however the message was clear.  In order to run and manage the business I needed to understand where I was and where I should be.

One of those reflective learnings in business and in life that a coach enables you to see.

Where are you in your business?

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