Give A Customer What THEY Want

Target what a customer wants and get what you want!

arrowhittargetGive a customer what they want and you will get what you want!

I was reflecting a few weeks ago with some business owners on how Uber has changed the way we strategies our businesses.  All too often we hear from businesses what they want to give us, as opposed to what we want.  They focus on the features and benefits of what they provide, rather than what we want.

Uber gives us information on when the transport will be here, a clean car, a driver that knows the directions or can use a sat nav, and we just get out at the other end without having to go through the ritual of credit cards and cash etc.  Why are we surprised that the existing taxi industry is dying and the Uber industry is growing exponentially.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we looked at our businesses in a different way and give the customer what they want?

Using this approach I pitched to a client with the focus on what they wanted on what I believed they wanted.  It was a completely different approach and a phenomenal outcome was achieved.

Let us all reflect on the same: Target what a customer wants, give them what they want and you get what you want.

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  1. Alan Nelson says

    I was talking to my guy who laid our new driveway in concrete. A really good operator who just so happens to be really busy. Busy in today’s market? I asked why and how?

    First of all I noticed on his invoice a space on the bottom that asked me to identify how we knew of him…google, word of mouth etc

    Then he told me that he does all his advertising on Gumtree…he has bought 10 phones from office works and advertises under different names on Gumtree…he gets over 10 calls per day…he then selects only clients that he wants to work with ( the ones that are likely to pay ). As he only receives calls and does not make calls the phones are minimal cost. As a result of his great customer service and the fact that he measures his where he gets his business over 30% of his business is repeat customers.

    Why did we use him. He dealt with the council. He left the job tidy. He turned up when he said he would. He was/is organised

    Give a customer what they want and you will get what you want.

    Just proves even in today’s market if you provide exemplary customer service and do what you say you are going to do you will be busy and not whingeing like all the others out there.
    Alan Nelson

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