Does Your Business Run Like A Well Oiled Machine?


Or does it seem to go from crisis to crisis?

Can you leave your business for weeks at a time and it still runs ‘profitably’ without you?

All too often we hear from business owners that rather than a well oiled machine, their business is a bit of a lumbering, stuttering jalopy. Goes well in short spurts but then grinds to a halt when hit with a curved ball. Often the business owner spends his time running from one crisis to another. The result is that as a hard working and passionate business owner;

  • You are missing out on sales, revenue and profit
  • You are struggling to grow the business
  • You are having to do re-work at your cost
  • You believe you have staff problems
  • You work far more hours than you should
  • Quality of product or service is declining or erratic
  • You are having to deal with unhappy customers / staff
  • If you wanted to sell your business, it would be difficult

So what’s the answer you ask?

Policies, procedures and systems are the answer!

“Oh no! Not that stuff!” you reply “I don’t have time to do all that!”

Yes, it does take time but look at the bullet points again! What is it costing you in time, energy, stress and money by not having your systems running like a Swiss watch and having all your ducks lined up. And, when you come to sell your business you will have a real problem. Systems is an acronym;


The question to ask yourself is “Am I building a business or being self-employed?”

If you want to build a business – a profitable commercial enterprise that will run without you being there – then you have to invest the time ON the business. Any business delivering a product or service CAN be systemised. The more systems and processes you implement the more time you save to reinvest in working ON the business.

So where do you start?

  • Start with the areas of greatest pain!
  • Set up a “cross functional teams” to brainstorm the workflow
  • Document it
  • Work it
  • Continuously improve it
  • START – it is often the start that stops people

If you are a Business Owners Board (bob) Group member you can get access to probably the best ‘systematization’ education process and training available today. As part of a bob Group you get to work on your business and systems and start to free up your time to work more ON the business.

In bob Groups there are no competing businesses so members can explore and work on ideas openly and honestly. Members are challenged and kept accountable for growing their business. Expert speakers and members contribute ideas and work on issues to help everyone.

Contact Us to enquire about your closest bob Group and see if bob can help you and your business.


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