John Wood’s Presentation To Business Owners Board

Photo of John Wood, National Lifestyle Villages. Presenter at Business Owners Board

Photo of John Wood, National Lifestyle Villages. Presenter at Business Owners BoardIn December we had over 40 people at the John Wood Presentation for our Business Owners Board special end of year meeting.

John has been finalist in Young Entrepreneur of the Year, plus built up National Lifestyle Villages before selling his interest recently. The audience was riveted by his talk and you could have heard a pin drop as we were taken through his journey of creating businesses. We all certainly got an early Christmas present and were inspired by his humility, authenticity and willingness to share his experiences, both good and not so good.

He is a man of great one-liners and here are some of them:

”Don’t let fear get in the way of making the first step.”  How many times have we seen that with outstanding people who just don’t leap over the edge of the cliff, or need a parachute to do it.

“Stick to the stuff you are good at.”

“One day you are going to be an overnight sensation,” how true is this. We have learnt along with many others that it takes hard work, long hours, sleepless nights to so called make it.

“In 30 years, most of the time had a fair bit of luck.”

“And look like a lot of success on the outside,” Yes, so many successful people can relate to this. There is a lot of what we call wet cement in the stomach going on.

“Procrastination gets in the way of growth.”

“In your business, you will be judged by your character,” how true is this. There is a great blog on the ethics in business. Just go to our blog tab and you will find it!

“Fake it, until you make it,” John provided numerous examples of how he had done this.

What a great inspiring leader, who was so willing to give of himself during the presentation.

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