Uber Your Business Before Someone Else Does!


Uber inspires new courier service!

It had to happen! This was predictable and is just one more in a tsunami of ‘uberisations’ of business categories (my opinion). A new start-up in the courier industry (People Post) is vying to be a significant disrupter, by delivering superior courier services for SME shipments and deliveries.

Will your category be next or will you be the Uber of your category?

It doesn’t matter how much a business owner, or a whole ‘category’ of business owners (taxis, chauffeurs, couriers etc.) winge and complain about an ‘Uber’ type company taking their market – it’s going to keep happening. We live and do business in a global climate now. After all, retailers have been feeling it for some years with the growth in online buying. Another example is the dramatic decline in spending on traditional TV and radio advertising. Large non-Australian international media businesses that specialise in online marketing are taking the market.

The internet and smart phones have been game changers. As business people, large and small, we have to embrace change and turn it to our advantage.

In bob Groups we challenge members to ‘uberise’ their business category. Be first. After all there are no competing businesses in a bob Group so members can explore and work on ideas openly and honestly.

Members are challenged and kept accountable for growing their business. Expert speakers and members contribute ideas and work on issues to help everyone.

Contact Us to enquire about your closest bob Group and see if bob can help you and your business.


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  1. Steve Laing says

    A very sound prediction – it’s so easy to get stuck in a mindset that sometimes you miss the opportunities available. This is where the benefit comes from working with other people – groups are so much more creative than individuals, and people outside your business often see ideas for improvement that you have been blinded to from spending too much time on the inside.

    • John Denton says

      You are absolutely right Steve! History is full of instances where possibly ‘complacency’ has lead to missed opportunity. Eveyone knows what happened to Kodak due to the digital camera. What most people don’t know is that a Kodak employee created and demonstrated the first digital camera. But the Kodak board said ‘bin it!’ They didn’t want to know because they were a chemical company selling chemicals to the photographic industry! Well, they learned the hard way!

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