Wet Cement Feeling Can Be Great Business Advice

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Business Adviser | Business Owners BoardDo you ever get that feeling of wet cement in your stomach?

You know, when you are having to make a decision in your business and the stomach starts to churn like a cement mixer.  But then you listen to all the other information around you and you decide not to go with that wet cement feeling.

Of course the wet cement feeling is more often referred to as “gut feeling”.

After 40 years of doing business I now go by that wet cement feeling and disregard all the other peripheral, emotional, logical information that surrounds and swirls while I come to a decision in business. Often we can justify with ‘logic’ why we should do something or take a particular path in life or business and we ignore that wet cement feeling and regret it later on.

Wet cement is a useful label to go by the “gut feeling”, because we always know that is the one that works and is right. How many times have you said to yourself “I should have gone with my gut feeling”?

What has been your experience with “gut feeling” decisions? Have they worked for you? Have you ever been sorry you did NOT go with your gut feeling? Leave a comment below and share your experiences!

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