Creating A Brand Strategy

Chris Griffiths at bobBranding your business in today’s market couldn’t be more important.

With over 35 years of experience in all facets of brand management and having worked with dozens of companies in Canberra, Perth and in Vancouver, Chris has become a leading authority in brand management.

Without exception every business Chris has worked with has increased their market share, sales and ROI to become a leaner, more targeted and more profitable business.

Working in advertising, design and marketing Chris has distilled what it takes to create a brand strategy that speaks to your target market creating an emotional connection with your business and your client.

Chris’ topic for the bob board meeting is “Creating a brand strategy that speaks to your target market and creates an emotional connection between your business and your clients.” 

Chris will cover how the correct brand strategy can:

  • Increase the clients you want to do business with & decrease time wasters
  • Increase sales and return for your marketing investment
  • Increase business value and help grow your business

He will help you to look at your business through the eyes of your client and think about how your business is perceived by the people who matter most; your clients.

“Branding is really the perception your client has of your business over time. Create the right perception, you will increase your client retention, sales and repeat business. What could be more important?”

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