Daily Resilience – Tamara Callaghan

Daily ResiliencePowerful habits for getting through stressful patches and handling setback – Business Owners Board June 2018

A widely experienced coach, facilitator and professional and personal development trainer since 2002, Tamara Callaghan delivers Professional Development Training in a range of areas. She helps business owners, managers and supervisors do their jobs better and staff members communicate with each other more effectively. Tam also helps individuals improve things like their self-management and resilience.

With a Grad Dip Coaching from Curtin University Tam is qualified as a professional coach. She works with individuals in businesses and organisations with goal setting and problem solving, and believes coaching is also an excellent follow up to training to best embed new skills.

At the Business Owners Board (bob) board business mentoring meeting in June 2018, Tamara’s topic is:

Daily Resilience – Powerful habits for getting through stressful patches and handling setbacks

• What is ‘resilience’ really and why the buzz?
• Skills of the resilient
• How to build it in the moment
• Top tips from a leading expert

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