From Delivery Boy to Young Entrepreneur of the Year

Photo of John Wood, National Lifestyle Villages. Presenter at Business Owners BoardTHE ANNUAL BUSINESS OWNERS BOARD END OF YEAR EVENT

Each year in December all the bob members come together for a real life story from an entrepreneur who has done it!

This year we are pleased to present John Wood. 

“From Delivery Boy to Young Entrepreneur of the Year to creating and selling National Lifestyle Villages.”

A fascinating story of success, failures, learnings, laughter and parables.

John’s father was into caravan parks, so it was inevitable that he would create a business in that space in some point in his career.  However, the first step in his entrepreneurial journey was his evolution from delivery boy to owner of a retail bedding chain in WA in his late teens. He was the Young Entrepreneur of the Year and was a young face recognised on TV.  Unfortunately, it came crashing down and he had to re-invent himself and start again.

John became involved in a company called Fleetwood, which was into Park Home Manufacturing and as that grew, he grew.  In 1999 he established National Lifestyle Villages with an opportunity to purchase and rezone some land in Perth’s northern suburbs, with everyone saying, “It couldn’t be done”, but he found a way to make it happen.

National Lifestyle Villages Photo The business built and managed thousands of homes with a focus on modular manufacturing.  He wanted to create an affordable housing solution for people who were still too young or healthy for typical retirement villages.  His unique business model was and is a welcome alternative to the high exit fees associated with traditional retirement villages.

Photo of John Wood as Freddie MercuryJohn is known to have a creative, visionary approach, but also to go the extra mile for both his customers and his staff.  It is rumoured that he used helicopters to fly his staff for Christmas parties, but also that he has slept in the beds in his bed shops in earlier days to make sure he was on time to meet with his customers. John likes to have fun and is obviously a QUEEN fan.

It will be a fascinating and entertaining story with many learnings for all of us.

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