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Jurek Leon at bobDiscipline is much more important than dollars when it comes to impressing your customers

Every point of contact your customers have with your business must be planned and systemised otherwise your frontline people are deciding minute by minute what the customer’s experience is going to be.

Think about the experience your customers have when they come into contact with your organisation. It is often said that ‘first impressions’ are critical and long lasting! In fact they are the ‘moments of truth’ that set the scene for your ongoing relationship – if one develops at all!

  • Do you have a clear picture of what you want it to be and do your team have the same picture as you?
  • Do your customers consistently get this picture perfect experience?
  • If they do, does this experience meet your customers’ expectations?

Jurek Leon
is a Perth based storyteller, trainer and customer experience designer.  His entertaining, energising seminars and workshops are filled with practical tips, ideas and down-to-earth examples. His company, Terrific Trading, focuses on service excellence as a way of assisting companies to get a better result from their sales and marketing and greatly enhance teamwork and motivation.

Jurek and his team deal mostly with retail and tourism businesses particularly in regional areas though they also work on the customer experience with professional and technical businesses including accountants, medical services ad IT specialists.

Jurek has twice assisted with the judging of the Australian Customer Service Awards, has been a WA judge in the Australian Council of Shopping Centres Awards for Excellence in Marketing on seven occasions and a Gold Plate Awards judge.

Jurek regularly conducts Customer Experience Audits for the many SMEs he deals with. Find out what is involved, what makes a difference and how you can apply the process to your business

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