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Mike House at Business Owners BoardBusiness Owners Board speaker – Mike House

You make many transitions everyday. Into morning traffic. The budget meeting (They never say there’s too much money, do they!). A performance management conversation. Welcoming a new staff member. On through the day until you arrive home.

Many transitions require you to change hats, focus and energy. Each is opportunity for clarity, presence and focus, but more often there’s distractions from the last transition, or the ones coming up – not to mention the constant ‘ping’ as emails flood your inbox.

Mike House spent 20 years as a leading survival specialist. He now works with leaders and teams who want to “Thrive and Adapt” in uncertain times. His tools are described as tactical with ‘real world’ applicability. Mike’s insights explain human behaviour and blindspots, while giving useful ‘hacks’ to deal with pressure and shift ineffective thinking. Having observed himself and countless others in extremes of deprivation and duress, Mike is uniquely positioned to offer profound and practical insight into effective and sustainable action under pressure.

By observing and leading people in complex situations of extreme deprivation and duress, Mike has developed keen insight for how humans either panic and suffer or adapt and thrive. He sees the same behaviours in ordinary workplaces and shows people how to view their work, daily tasks, relationships and opportunities through new eyes.

Mike House at Business Owners Board bobIn his session for Business Owners Board, Mike shares:

Tactical tools from his book “Thrive and Adapt”
How to make those daily transitions effective, and even pleasurable
How to reduce distraction so you can be more effective throughout the day
How to create a sense of progress for you and your team, even when it seems like nothing is being achieved
What to do to arrive home to your loved ones relaxed

Mike is passionate about building resilience in teams and individuals.

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