Outsourcing and Offshoring – Saves You Time & Money

Gearing up for a large project?

Need more staff without the cost of more office space?

Maybe you’re simply looking for reliable, highly skilled part-time and full-time staff.  Paul Magiatis may have the solution for you.

Paul Magiatis is the very model of a successful entrepreneur – persuasively resonant and unfailingly entertaining. As the son of two Greek immigrants who couldn’t speak a word of English when they arrived in Perth during the 1960s, he fondly reminisces on his early years growing up in Kalgoorlie and observing his family’s work ethic.

By 19, he had worked in many of the family businesses, purchased his first home and continued to leverage himself until the bank said no more.

Now at 50, he has bought and sold over 79 properties, Runs 4 micro businesses, has offices in Perth, Honk Kong and Cebu in the Philippines.

Paul’s commercial sensibility is proved by his decision in November 2008, at the peak of the GFC to re-engineer his business structures and move his back office administration to the Philippines using a cost avoidance model to improve the bottom line and keep the business viable while others were falling into liquidation.

Today Paul still runs his small group of Micro businesses with all administration run out of the Philippines.

Paul will present to the Business Owners Board on:

The Steps To Outsourcing Successfully

  1. Strategic Assessment – why do it
  2. Feasibility – can it be done and is it worth it
  3. Sourcing – getting the right resources for you
  4. Set up – getting going
  5. Making the transition
  6. Management – Maintain good governance, measure effectiveness and retain top talent

This will be an interactive session to discuss ideas and answer your questions.

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