The Value of Leadership in Any Business of Any Size

David Deane-Spread speaks at Business Owners BoardDavid Deane-Spread’s session for the bob (Business Owners Board) members is about developing the right culture in a business for high levels of performance including the ability to deal with difficult people and situations.

David has been a leader in the military, law-enforcement and a discreet federal agency as a covert specialist.

Also as a former CEO and director of both private and public companies he brings a wealth of experience in both winning and losing (he went bankrupt for $6.5 million in 1990), as an author, consultant and coach for elite leadership performance.

He has mastered dealing effectively with difficult people and difficult situations as a hostile negotiator and working with criminal sociopaths.

His clients range from federal, state and local government agencies, public, private and small companies.

The focus has largely been on creating the right culture for high risk, high performance activities and dealing with difficult people and situations.

David’s topic for the bob group :


  1. Identifying the Holy Grail of your business – the single most important reason you are in business
  2. Unpacking that Holy Grail
  3. Understanding the 4 step process to rapidly develop leadership to create a winning culture
  4. Three crucial take-aways that will make a difference to your business immediately

David will challenge attendees and ‘take no prisoners’ with his inimitable presentation style. Prepare to be challenged!

He is the author of: –

  • The definitive workbook for Attitudinal Competence, “Master the Power of Your Attitudes”
  • The workbook “The Wheel of Effective Leadership Behaviour”
  • The e-book “Ask or Tell – the power of asking or the force of telling”
  • The e-book “Achieving Successful Improvement Programs”
  • The special report “The Wings of Success”
  • The e-book “Senior Executive Coaching Guide”
  • The e-book “Performance Mastery”
  • The e-book ‘The Value of Values”

He is a co-author of the leadership series published by McGraw-Hill “You Lead and They’ll Follow”

Visit David’s website and sign up for his blog at

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